Impact of exchange on a student employability

International experiences can help you develop your soft and technical skills to improve employment possibilities.



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Student exchange opens new doors for students willing to take the plunge and study in a new environment. Traveling, studying, and living in a new environment can be an enriching experience, but what impact does student exchange have on your employability? 

Whether you are considering spending a semester studying in Germany, a work placement abroad, or a short course abroad with one of Haaga-Helia's many international partners, you can improve your employability and employment prospects.

In addition to broadening one's academic and professional network, spending time at an institution abroad helps you develop critical skills, both soft skills and technical skills, that employers value and look for in a potential employee.

How does student exchange impact your employability?

Haaga-Helia's Career Services and our International Services have compiled a list of professional skills and benefits that student exchange provides. The listed skills are just a few examples of the professional benefits of student exchange.

Network Expansion

Student exchange programs offer a unique opportunity to expand one's professional network on a global scale. A network beyond Finland can improve your employment possibilities and benefit potential employers.

Career Differentiation

In a competitive job market, having international experience can set a candidate apart from other applicants. 


Spending time outside of your comfort zone in a new environment helps enrich your ability to adapt to new situations. Whether navigating a challenging situation or adjusting to new cultural norms, adaptability is a skill many employers strongly value, and having concrete strategies for adapting to new situations is an everyday part of working life.

Intercultural awareness 

Many employers now expect their employees to have intercultural communication skills. Studying in a new country and embracing a unique cultural experience is an easy way to develop intercultural skills.

Language skills 

Whether you become fluent in a second, third, or fourth language or learn key conversational terms, being multi-lingual is a valuable skill to mention on any job application. Knowing some aspects of a new language can help your future organization expand its business and network with new global partners.

Personal growth

Going on exchange also provides the opportunity for different avenues of personal growth. This growth can be developing interpersonal communication, self-confidence, awareness, or even constructing your problem-solving tool kit. 

Apply for student exchange for Fall 2024 or Spring 2025

Haaga-Helia's extensive partner network provides our students with the opportunity to study at numerous different locations; whether you want to explore a new European city, take your first steps in Asia, or learn more about life in the Western hemisphere, there are exchange opportunities that should fit both your degree program and academic goals. 

The next application round for exchange studies for the 2024-2025 academic year is organised from 4.03-11.03.2024.

Learn more about student exchange and how to apply

Career Services is here to help our students effectively showcase to employers how their exchange experiences have helped enrich their professional development. 

Learn more about Haaga-Helia's Career Services.