Haaga-Helia's COVID-19 policies for the start of the spring semester

Due to the deteriorating situation with COVID-19, Haaga-Helia has modified its policies for the start of the spring semester 2022.

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The orientation for new students will be organised on campuses taking into consideration health safety, but other teaching and guidance activities will take place remotely until 30 January 2022. Remote work is recommended for administration and support staff until 30 January 2022 if duties permit. Campuses remain open and services are open with certain limitations on campuses and online. It is required to wear a face mask on campuses.

From Monday 31 January onwards, we aim to return back to normal operations as much as possible if the coronavirus situation allows. We follow authorities' instructions and guidelines in our decision-making and make risk-based assessments on the current circumstances and modify our policies when necessary.


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