Haaga-Helia will launch a new Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences will start developing a new Master's Degree that concentrates on AI in business contexts. This is the first time that a Finnish Higher Education Institution receives funding for an Erasmus Mundus Design Measures as a the coordinating university.

Haaga-Heliaan uusi tekoälyn sovelluksiin keskittyvä Master-tasoinen tutkinto
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Erasmus Mundus Joint Degrees

Haaga-Helia has received funding for a new Erasmus project that will help in co-creating and developing a new Joint European Master's degree.

The project, Co-creation of an Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters in Artificial Intelligence to boost Innovation Ecosystems, business competitiveness and employment in Europe (COMAI), has been strongly anchored to Haaga-Helia's cooperation in the Ulysseus European Universities alliance. 

– An important dimension of the Ulysseus alliance are the Innovation Hubs, each of which is the responsibility of one partner higher education institution. The Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters of Ulysseus are built around these Innovation Hubs.  Haaga-Helia is responsible for the Artificial Intelligence Innovation Hub. The content and learning outcomes of the new European Master programme focus on the use of artificial intelligence in business contexts, for which we will need extensive expertise from both higher education institutions and companies. It was natural to create a project with a clear timetable and objectives to support the preparation work", explains Marjaana Mäkelä, the project manager of Haaga-Helia’s COMAI project.

– COMAI offers an opportunity for our specialists to deepen our cooperation networks nationally and internationally. The degree we are developing will be an interesting option among the degrees offered by European higher education institutions", continues Mäkelä. 

A new challenge for higher education

At level 7 of the European Qualifications Framework (Master's level programmes), the programme to be built at Haaga-Helia is the first degree focusing on applications of artificial intelligence.

– It is also a learning process for us as a higher education institution, taking up a completely new challenge. Since the beginning of the Ulysseus cooperation, it has been very motivating for us and will contribute to our involvement in different fields of applied research with European partners. For Haaga-Helia's own experts, the COMAI project is a great opportunity to deepen cooperation networks both nationally and internationally, Mäkelä sums up.

What are Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters? 

Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters are high-quality international study programmes delivered jointly by several higher education institutions. The Master programme includes studies in at least two different countries. Considerable grants are available to the students, and when the students graduate, they get a degree from at least two European higher education institutions.


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