Haaga-Helia increased its popularity in teacher training

The application period for vocational teacher education ended on Thursday 18.1.2024 at 15.00. According to preliminary data, almost 1700 primary applicants applied to Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences.

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As last year, Haaga-Helia received the highest number of applications for vocational teacher education of all five teacher training colleges in Finland this year. This year, Haaga-Helia had 1417 1417 (2023: 1206) priority applicants for teacher education. 121 applicants applied to Haaga-Helia's special needs teacher education and 140 applicants applied to its guidance counsellor education. Both education programmes are in Finnish

In 2024, there will be a total of 340 places for teacher education at Haaga-Helia, of which 20 will be reserved for students in the English language group. There are 30 places for guidance councellors and 33 places for special needs teachers.

The student selection results will be published at the end of March on Opintopolku.fi. The results for teacher education will be published on 27 March 2024 and the results for special teacher and guidance counsellor education on 19 March 2024. Studies will start in May.

Thank you to all applicants!