Haaga-Helia has started to use electronic degree certificates

Students graduating from Haaga-Helia's Bachelor's or Master's degrees will receive an electronically signed degree certificate.  

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Electronic degree certificates are already in use in many higher education institutions. The electronic degree certificate is safe, because it is digitally certified. It is also more convenient to keep for oneself than paper certificates.  The electronic degree certificate is also easy to send to employers, for example, and it is easy for the recipient to verify the authenticity of the certificate. Using an electronic degree certificate is also more ecological, as there no more is a need to print out separate paper copies for different purposes.  
The electronic signature used by Haaga-Helia meets the highest and most reliable level of requirements set by EU legislation. 
Students will no longer receive paper degree certificates, but after graduation it is possible, if necessary, to order a certified paper copy of the degree certificate for a separate fee.   
Graduation ceremonies will still be organised, but degree certificates will no longer be handed out at these ceremonies.  
Further information and instructions are available on the Haaga-Helia's Graduation website.  
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