Haaga-Helia gets the Ukraine badge

Ukraine is still in the midst of war. Active support is needed both during the war and for future post-war reconstruction. Haaga-Helia supports Ukraine and will adopt the Ukraine badge.



Ukraina banneri
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The Symbol of Ukraine is a free of charge badge that companies and communities that have helped Ukrainians will receive as a sign of their support for Ukraine. The badge communicates to corporate stakeholders the values of the organisations using the badge and to Ukrainians the support shown to them. You can help Ukraine for example by sharing knowledge and skills, donating money, providing services and products and employing Ukrainians.

Haaga-Helia has supported Ukraine with a donation of 10 000 euros through Unicef and by offering free courses to Ukrainian refugees. Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences is also involved in the international joint project EU4Skills Better Skills for Modern Ukraine, where it is designing and implementing training for Ukrainian teachers.

Teacher training for Ukrainian teachers started in autumn 2021. After the war started, it was not possible to provide teacher training students real-life practice, as educational institutions were destroyed and Ukrainians fled abroad or were caught up in the front line or the war. A wide range of online small group sessions were planned for early 2022.

In autumn 2022, the Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences developed digital teacher training for Ukrainians. The aim of the training is to support the development of teachers' work and skills in the period of war and post-war. Teachers can study independently online at a time that suits them. The digital teacher training will be launched on the learning platform of the Ukrainian Ministry of Education in spring 2023.