Haaga-Helia and Eduix Ltd. to Develop New Ways to Digitise Education

Haaga-Helia’s and software company Eduix’s two-year partnership regarding a commissioned study began right after signing the deal on January 17th 2020. Study will focus on developing new and more cost-effective ways to digitise educational processes. New models will be carried out and adapted to the emerging and evolving education market.

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After signing of the contract, a light and familiar atmosphere prevailed at the meeting table, when Eduix Oy's CEO Rami Heinisuo, Partner Director Pauliina Halme, Haaga-Helia’s Research Director Timo Kaski and Information Technology Lecturer Altti Lagstedt exchanged some thoughts in the conference room.

Heinisuo, CEO and the founder of Eduix, emphasized Haaga-Helia’s open-minded approach regarding the research and partnership, but he still had certain expectations in regards to the collaboration between the parties.

— We expect Haaga-Helia to challenge and strengthen our own perspectives and views. Such a way of mixing practices can be best described as a systematic disruption, says Heinisuo.

Partner Director Halme shared her colleague’s views and described the project as kind of prototype and the next step in ever-expanding collaboration.

— Together we are creating a possible new concept for digitizing educational processes. Our purpose is to deepen and develop learning without focusing solely on the educational institutions, notes Halme.

Haaga-Helia was also enthusiastic about the new partnership model. Commissioned study is a new and fresh way to execute RDI projects, which enables even more operational models in the future.

Haaga-Helia and Eduix have also done collaboration on projects like central thesis management and monitoring system Konto and student information system Peppi.