Course Connect ICT Career Event Returns in Autumn 2024

Haaga-Helia's second career event for international ICT students is scheduled for 30 October 2024 

Flyer for Course Connect: Future Skills for ICT
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In November 2023, Haaga-Helia piloted our first English language career event for international ICT students, Course Connect. Course Connect allowed international ICT students at Haaga-Helia to connect with companies in the Helsinki capital region. Overall, this Talent Boost funded event attracted over 100 students and 7 companies. The goal of the event was to allow the students to meet, connect, and network with local companies. 

Event structure 

During our event, students could hear presentations from a wide range of organizations, allowing students to connect with multinational companies, Finnish companies, and the local startup ecosystem.  

Our first event was divided into two sections featuring. Each section provided half of the companies the chance to give a 15-minute presentation about their organization. Following the company presentations, we organized one-hour open networking sessions for students to chat with company representatives. 

Results from the pilot event 

After the event, feedback was collected both from the students and companies. Companies appreciated our event's presentation-networking format and expressed interest in joining a similar event in the future. They especially enjoyed conversing more with the students in the networking session. 

Many students mentioned that they viewed the visiting companies as prospective employers, and the event gave them an understanding of what skills companies need. They especially appreciated the advice about which courses, skills, and knowledge-specific tools could improve their employment prospects. 

Course Connect: Future Skills for ICT 

By taking into account the successful elements from our pilot event, the next Course Connect Career Event will revolve around future skills for ICT. 

Companies will be invited to Haaga-Helia to share their ideas about what skills, platforms, and tools will be valuable in the future. This insight into the skills required for the ICT work of tomorrow will help our students navigate their studies path and map their plans.  

The specified topic of future skills will also help guide networking sessions between students and companies. Additionally, prep events related to networking, LinkedIn, and other job-seeking skills are in the works to help students prepare to meet companies. We will organise Course Connect: Future Skills for ICT on 30 October 2024. More information about the event will be available next semester.