Co-operation with German-speaking actors is a valuable addition to language learning

The German language students from Haaga-Helia visited the German Embassy in Helsinki in October.

Haaga-Helian saksan opiskelijat
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Haaga-Helia's German language teaching has been co-operated for many years with the German, Austrian and Swiss embassies. The German-language Business Environment course includes three to four embassy and business visits.

Tesi Binder, the teacher of the course and lecturer at Haaga-Helia, explains that the student feedback on the visits carried out has been excellent. This contributes to the incentive to keep visits to the course program. During the October embassy visit, students received interesting information about the activities of the embassy and also from Patrick Schachtebeck, the host of the occasion in Germany.

– Co-operation with German-speaking partners is very important and valuable for students. Due to the pandemic, the previous visit to the German Embassy was in the autumn of 2019. It would be great if this semester we could carry out all visits live for a long period of time, as Zoom presentations cannot compensate for real on-site visits after all, Binder says.

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