“Haaga-Helia prepares you to enter the business world,” says second-year business student Hanchen Wang

Language and business enthusiast Hanchen Wang studies International Business at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. What Hanchen loves the most about Haaga-Helia is that he gets to learn Finnish and other languages while getting the best business education before entering working life.

Hanchen Wang
Student testimonial

Hanchen Wang is passionate about learning different languages. Besides his mother tongue Chinese, he has already mastered English and German. The next language on his “to do list” is probably not the most obvious choice: he’s now learning Finnish.  

– Since I’m dedicated to learning Finnish, coming to Finland was clearly the best choice, chuckles Hanchen. 

–  I enjoy communicating with people in their own language, because it helps me to get to know them so much better. A language is not only a tool for communication, but also a representation of a whole culture. 

Some people say that Finnish is one the world’s most difficult languages to learn. But what’s Hanchen’s opinion? 

–  Learning Finnish is challenging yet fun. But it’s definitely not so hard as you might imagine. 

Hanchen has now lived in Finland for two years. During that time, he has committed to studying Finnish, but he has also found the time to savor the well-designed city infrastructures and the beautiful nature. 

–  Living in Finland has been a very pleasant experience. Besides well-developed cities, I also enjoy the nature and each of the distinct seasons. 

When Hanchen first arrived in Finland, he didn’t exactly know what to expect. But the Finnish people immediately made him feel welcome in their country. 

– What surprised me when I arrived in Finland was that the Finnish people are so welcoming, warm-hearted and helpful, praises Hanchen. 

Haaga-Helia provides confidence and skills to build a career in global business

Hanchen decided to apply to Haaga-Helia University of Applies Sciences to develop his language and business skills. The International Business studies at Haaga-Helia offer a solid base for students wanting to build a career in global business. What is more, language and communication studies support the growth to an efficient communicator and networker.  
– Haaga Helia offers professional business education, but at the same time, I can also learn different languages used in business world. That’s why I chose Haaga-Helia, says Hanchen. 

At Haaga-Helia, the students’ intercultural teamworking skills are developed with a variety of learning approaches, such as project work together with fellow students and real companies. Hanchen has been very pleased with this teaching method. 

– The best part of studying at Haaga-Helia is that you get plenty of opportunities to work with people. You get to collaborate with other students and initiate projects with real companies. 

– Furthermore, the teachers have worked in the business world themselves and they have ties with different companies. That’s why they’re able to offer the students the best knowledge, education and confidence to start building our careers in business, Hanchen continues. 

Hanchen has also made a lot of new friends during his studies. The student community is something that he cherishes. 

– One of the best things I would like to mention about Haaga-Helia is the student community Helga. It integrates students, alumni and faculties as a whole, so we actually feel united instead of lonely individuals. 

Finally, Hanchen has some encouraging words to those who are considering applying to study international business at Haaga-Helia. 

– You are making the right decision, because Haaga-Helia prepares you so well to enter the business world, Hanchen concludes. 

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