”Haaga-Helia has extensive networks”

In addition to teaching, Liisa Wallenius has been involved in many language teaching projects.

Liisa Wallenius
Career at Haaga-Helia

Liisa Wallenius is a lecturer, coach, and work placement coordinator at Haaga-Helia Porvoo campus. She has also been involved in many national and international language teaching projects. The most recent one, named Digijoujou, digitised language teaching in higher education.

Wallenius came to Haaga-Helia in 2002. She teaches Swedish, Design sprint, and Food and beverage experiences. In addition, she is currently involved in two Nordplus projects.

Wallenius thinks it’s great to follow students' growth and development into professionals. She likes that every day at work is different.

— Haaga-Helia is a big and stable organisation. In a big organisation, you have the opportunity to do many different things if you want. Haaga-Helia has extensive corporate networks and an extensive partner network. We keep up with the world and maintain a high quality in what we do.