First-year business student, Hà Bùi, says that Haaga-Helia is the best thing that happened to her in 2020

International Business student Hà Bùi transferred to Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences from another university in Finland and is really happy with her decision.

Ha Bui
Student testimonial

Hà Bùi started to dream about studying abroad four years ago. After having done a lot of research about different countries and university tuition fees, Finland was the best option for her. Hà’s friend, who already studied in Finland, told her about the top quality of education here, which finally convinced her to pack up her bags and move up north from tropical Vietnam. 

– I wanted to study in school that offers a lot of future opportunities and Haaga-Helia is the top school in that.  

Haaga-Helia’s modern teaching methods and facilities impressed Hà and made her realize that Haaga-Helia is the ideal option for her. 

– I really love the school library. The resources are really good with wide variety of books that support my studying. I study independently a lot, but the teachers are always there to guide us, and we learn a lot of practical skills for future’s working life. 

Get on the right track at Haaga-Helia and start expanding your network

Studying in Helsinki and at Haaga-Helia has brought many surprises and new interesting things to Hà’s life. 

–  When I started to study here, I was surprised by the freedom given by the teachers to do our assignments. Learning to work independently is a very good thing. I was also surprised how cold the winters are here and the food is totally different. Helsinki is unlike any other part in Finland with its vibrance and opportunities. 

According to Hà, Haaga-Helia is a great place to make new friends that can later also be your future colleagues and contacts. 

–  I have a lot of friends here at Haaga-Helia. They all support me, and they are as happy to study here as I am. If you’re thinking of studying at Haaga-Helia, congratulations, you’re on the right track.  

This is the best place for people who are willing to take up new challenges and ready to expand their network, concludes Hà Bùia future Haaga-Helia graduate and a global businesswoman.