Designing compelling accommodationscapes: Testing a framework

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ABSTRACT | This research empirically tests a theoretical framework composed of external stimuli to the individual which can be used holistically to design a compelling accommodationscape in a rural context through the lens of experiential marketing. Following, apart from physical stimuli and staff performance, which have been the factors more commonly examined in services marketing, the proposed construct – compelling accommodationscape – extends the servicescape approach by addressing also product-related factors, the existence of a theme, and social interactions. Structural equation modeling was used to estimate and evaluate the proposed model that links: (1) accommodationscape as a second-order construct with its first-order indicators (external stimuli); and (2) the constructs compelling accommodationscape, tourist satisfaction, and behavioral intentions. The analysis of data from a survey administered in rural lodgings in Southwest Portugal suggests that the proposed five external stimuli underlie the construct compelling accommodationscape, which can lead to tourist satisfaction and positive post-consumption behavior in a sustainable manner. Theoretical and practical implications combining design science and tourism by focusing on a managerial mindset that privileges the process of designing holistic tourism experiences are provided for scholars and rural accommodation managers.

Keywords: compelling accommodationscape; experience design; rural accommodation; tourist intentions; tourist satisfaction

This presentation received the "Eduardo Fayos-Sola Award for Tourism Innovation" at the t-Forum 2020 Global Conference.

Agapito, D., Pinto, P., Ascenção, M. P., & Tuominen, P. (2020). Designing compelling accommodationscapes: Testing a framework in a rural context (p. 82). Paper presented at the t-Forum 2020 Global Conference - “Breaking Old Barriers for a New World: Mobilizing Tourism Intelligence to Survive”, conducted online, 4-6 November 2020. Algarve, Portugal.

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