"The common interest in the aviation industry unites us all during the lectures"

Aviation Business student Tomi Lempinen says he has gained a lot of knowledge and skills for the future working life from Haaga-Helia's international study environment.

Tomi Lempinen
Student testimonial

When I noticed around one year ago that there is a possibility to study aviation business at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, I knew immediately that I need to apply for this. I really like the idea that I can study a specific field of business, and I don't think that I am the only one. As a matter of fact, I believe that a common interest in the aviation industry is something that unites us, students.

The common interest creates of course a common motivation. I feel we benefit as a study group as students might even push each other to be better. In addition, many students and also teachers have different kinds of aviation-related backgrounds, which brings in real-life discussions of the aviation business. The common interest unites us all during the lectures.

But to be honest, aviation is not the only thing that keeps students motivated to study. Above all, we are here to learn, update our skills and be better professionals in our future careers. My goal is to see professional growth in myself. Sometimes I feel that it is not a trendy topic, but I am thirsty for knowledge. And yes, for business and especially for aviation business but there are other courses too. Haaga-Helia offers for example a variety of language studies and provides possibilities to have international touchpoints to the world. There are many international students here in Finland but also there are possibilities to study or to do an internship abroad. The Aviation Business study programme is organised in English and it gathers students all over the world. We have a possibility to learn daily from our cultural differences and appreciate the diversity that people bring to the study environment. It also shows a good example of the future working life.

At the beginning of our studies, we also learn to learn. Nobody is perfect, especially in the beginning, and there is a learning curve to understand the importance of references and different study methods. This temporary time of remote studies also practices time management and self-management skills in a different way than being on campus while providing an example of future working life like the international study environment does as well. I'd like to remind everyone that there is a positive aspect also in these special times.

Like all of us, I am also waiting for the time after the remote studies when, for example, study trips and company visits are back on the programme. Networking seems to be every year more and more important, and even though networking can be done online like on social media, live meetings are still the best way to share smiles and be in good company. When we eventually are back at the campus and meet people after being online, we remember what is the power of bringing people to study together who share a common passion.

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