Sanna Heiniö

+358 294471452

Sanna Heiniö is responsible for planning and development of Master students’ councelling and support services. She coordinates e.g. thesis workshops and groups (thesis trains). Sanna is the study councellor for several Master students. She enjoys exploring new ways of doing things. For this reason, she is often involved in design-led projects in Haaga-Helia and with partners (e.g. Cern Bootcamp).  

In her previous roles, she has been working as senior lecturer, teacher and researcher in universities both in Finland and abroad as well as a specialist in real business. The topics of cultural management, marketing and product design present her background before engaging to councelling and educational design in her career.  Multidisciplinary teamwork conducted in real (business) life setting build the essence of doing for her. 

Academic degree: M.Sc. (Economics), B.A. (Art History)