Applying for student exchange


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From this page, you will find the selection criteria and instructions for Haaga-Helia degree students applying for student exchange abroad.


First application round: 23 January – 6 February 2023  

Apply for autumn semester 2023 or spring semester 2024, all places are open for application

Second application round: 6 March – 13 March 2023  

Apply for autumn semester 2023 or spring semester 2024, places that were not filled during the first application round are open for application

Third application round: 28 August – 4 September 2023  

Apply only for spring semester 2024, places that were not filled during the previous application rounds are open for application


You can apply and be accepted for student exchange if:

  • You are a degree student at Haaga-Helia and registered as an attending at the time of application
  • You have a minimum weighted GPA of 3.0
    • Some destinations have a higher GPA requirement and some destinations accept students with a 2,5 GPA. Check the database for more information.
  • You have not left the previously offered exchange seat unaccepted or canceled your exchange after accepting the seat
  • You have progressed in studies according to your study plan and have a minimum of 60 credits completed before the exchange
  • The timing and courses of your exchange period follow the recommendations of your degree programme (see degree-specific information)
  • Your student exchange does not delay your graduation
  • You fulfill destination-specific requirements mentioned in the destination database

Students can be eliminated from the selection in the case of violations against the Haaga-Helia Degree Regulations: 27 § Personal conduct at Haaga-Helia.

Send your application

You can apply to a maximum of six destinations during one application round. Fill in the student exchange application in MoveON portal (requires login). Before filling in the application, read the instructions carefully and double-check all the information on the application before sending it.

In case you have technical problems, send an e-mail to To receive a quick reply, please attach a print screen of the problem and a short description of the issue.



Results for each application round will be published within two weeks of the application deadline. Students applying for an exchange during their studies are offered only one exchange place. If you are accepted, you will have one week to either accept or refuse the exchange offer in the application portal. If you decide not to accept the seat offered, or you cancel after accepting the seat you have received, you cannot apply again for an exchange in the following application rounds.

Selection criteria

Applicants who meet the conditions mentioned below are selected on the basis of a weighted GPA. All credits registered in Peppi at the latest on the application deadline date count towards the GPA. If more than two students have the same GPA, the selection will be made on the basis of priority.

When Completed semesters Criteria Credits
At the moment
of application
One semester You have completed 1-semester courses
according to your study plan (ISP)
Min 25 ECTS
  More than one semester

You must have progressed according to
your study plan (PSP)

30 ECTS x number of semesters
(max 5 ECTS missing)  
At the time you leave
for the exchange

You must have progressed
according to your study plan (PSP)


Min. 60 ECTS completed
Max. 5 ECTS missing

Graduation on time

Your student exchange cannot prolong your graduation. If you are too close to graduation when applying for exchange, your exchange application cannot be accepted: 30 ECTS of studies completed in the student exchange should fit your 210 ECTS degree. 

Language requirements

In most of the destinations, the language of tuition is English, but in some institutions, knowledge of the local language is required. Always check the institution-specific language requirements in MoveON portal before filling in the application.

On the application, you are asked to self-evaluate your language skills on the CEFR levels, no other language certificate is required at the application stage. However, you must have the required language skills already at the time of application and must be ready to prove it with a language test after receiving the application results or when applying to your exchange destination. If you cannot prove that you meet the language level that you have self-evaluated, your exchange may be canceled. Therefore, it is important to evaluate your language skills carefully already when sending the application and choose destinations that match your language skills. If your language skills stated on the application do not meet the exchange destinations' requirements, your application to that specific destination cannot be processed.

Note that some exchange destinations might require basic knowledge of some other language than English. If you apply, for example, to a Italian university that requires knowledge of English and Italian, you need to self-evaluate your language skills in both languages for the application. There are plenty of materials online to help you to evaluate your language skills.

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