Exchange studies in vocational teacher studies

Kuvituskuva opiskelijoita

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Haaga-Helia's Vocational Teachers' studies can also be combined with studies abroad. The studies may be educational training and/or pedagogical studies depending on the destination country and the university's offerings.

The studies are agreed with your tutor in a Personal development plan (PDP).

The scope of the studies may vary and may include the Global Competence and Human Rights Pedagogy module (Development Programme: 2.3., 5 credits).

Erasmus+ exchange programme

Erasmus, the European Union Exchange and Cooperation Programme for Universities, supports European cooperation and mobility of universities. Participation in the programme has been identified as developing participants' language skills, knowledge in their respective fields and capacity to act in an internationalised working life.

Participants in Erasmus+ must be enrolled in the college and the student's own institution and the host institution must have an inter-university agreement in order to enable an Erasmus+ exchange.

Haaga-Helia's The Erasmus partner universities of the  School of Vocational Teacher Education in Europe are:

  •  University of Education Upper Austria (PH OÖ), Linz, Austria
  •  Oslo Metropolitan University - Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway
  •  University of Tartu, Estonia.

The foreign study period can be done entirely on site at an exchange university or as a combination of virtual studies and a stay at an exchange university. The duration of the period is at least 3 months, regardless of the method of execution.

Erasmus+ support can be obtained to finance travel and subsistence costs. Erasmus+ students are not required to pay semester, enrollment and exam fees at the receiving institution, or fees for accessing library services. Small fees for insurance or membership of the student body may be charged. Students must have their own insurance because Haaga-Helia's insurance does not cover study abroad.

Erasmus+ support may not/need to be applied if the exchange is made entirely virtually.

The Erasmus+ exchange is applied for through Haaga-Helia International Services: Check out the application instructions

Guiding to apply can be obtained directly from the service address

If you are interested in the Erasmus exchange, please contact Liisa Vanhanen-Nuutinen, Haaga-Helia School of Vocational Teacher Education.

Optional or short-term exchange at the partner university of School of Vocational Teacher Education

We also support studies or short-term exchanges at the partner universities of the The School of Vocational Teacher Education with a travel grant. For example, for training in a educational institution in Europe or outside Europe, there is the possibility of a travel scholarship. Haaga-Helia's internship insurance also covers teaching training abroad.

The application for a travel grant is free form and must contain the following information:

  • destination, duration and programme of international exchanges
  • invitation or other contract from the receiving body
  • a personal study plan verified by the instructor; what competence does the participation in the exchange develop and how it is placed in the personal study plan.

A travel grant can be obtained for reasonable travel costs. The grant is paid against travel expenses.

Guidance on making an application can be obtained from Liisa Vanhanen-Nuutinen.

The grant application will be addressed to Marianne Kukko.

Exchange studies outside Europe

The School of Vocational Teacher Education has a cooperation agreement with the following non-European higher education institutions:

  •  Chungnam National University (CNU)
  •  Daejon, South Korea.

Exchange studies in your organization

If you work as a teacher at a vocational school or polytechnic, you can also apply for international exchange through the Erasmus+ exchange programme for your job, either for teacher or staff exchange.

Link about your organisation's Erasmus contract sites. The application is done through your organization and the suitability of the program for teacher studies is negotiated with your own instructor.