Annual Report: Haaga-Helia in figures 2021

Kenestä tulee kasvuyrittäjä? – Joillakin on tähän persoonallisia taipumuksia

Lead paragraph

How has the number of students in Haaga-Helia evolved? How many haagahelian do research and development as part of their work? This page presents the activities of Haaga-Helia in the form of figures 2016–2021.

Available student places (Bachelor's and Master's Degrees, teacher education)

Students (Bachelor's and Master's Degrees, teacher education)

Graduates (Bachelor's and Master's Degrees, teacher education)

Participants of Open University of Applied Sciences

Person-years (full-time equivalent)


Total own and external RDI funding

(thousand euros)

Specialists doing RDI work 10% or more of their working hours

Incoming and outgoing student exchanges


Incoming and outgoing personnel exchanges


Source: Haaga-Helia and Vipunen

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