Accessibility on Porvoo Campus


Accessible entrance is through the main doors. The entrance front and the entrance hall floor are flat and without thresholds. The main door opens automatically and the vestibule door has an electronic opening mechanism.

The escort vehicle can stop in the square in front of the main entrance.

Kuva Porvoo Campuksen pääsisäänkäynnistä


The parking area is located at the rear of the property and can be accessed from the Taidetehtaankatu. An accessible parking space is located in the right rear corner of the parking area, next to the side entrance.

Access to the property is possible through the side door with the help of a ramp. A doorbell is located on the right side of the door, which can be rung to open the door. If you need assistance with the door and the ramp, please contact the info 040 4887 444.

Access to the main entrance from the parking area is also possible via the pedestrian walkway on Taidetehtaankatu.


Kuva esteettömästä sisäänkäynnistä parkkipaikalla

Indoor facilities

The information desk is located immediately after the main entrance in the lobby on the left. The building is accessible from a mobility point of view and all areas are barrier-free.

The lift is located on the right hand side of the main entrance and provides access to all floors.

Porvoo Campus infotiski

Toilet facilities

There is an accessible toilet on each floor. The toilet facilities are identical on each floor.

On the 1st floor, the accessible toilet is located opposite learning room 1421.
On the 2nd floor, the accessible toilet is located opposite learning area 2423.
On the 3rd floor, the accessible toilet is located opposite learning spaces 3422 and 3423.

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More information::

Porvoo Campus info
040 4887 444