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The UUTOS project offers four paths to strategic and proactive competence management of the participating organizations. The four paths are: strategic management, R&D partnerships, forecasting networks and management of ecosystems paths.

The project organizes service design workshops that connect the paths and evaluate activities. Co-operative working methods enable the understanding of changes in work, competences and management work as societal and non-linear changes that are broader than a single organization.  The key tasks are clarifying the benefits/vision and active communication, as well as the interpretation of the collected surveys and materials and the utilization of the results.

The project promotes the availability of skilled laborforce and sustainable work instead of managing unemployment, and it transfers learning to workplaces and networks. In addition to slow forces of change, rapid changes in the operating environment raise new needs for competences, management and strategic thinking.

The project responds to these needs developing tools, processes and operating models to

1) manage the companies' human and social capital strategically and proactively,

2) to manage the personnel's partnership and network skills as well as innovation and foresight skills and to develop future-proof skills, and

3) to develop sustainable working careers and skills

4) promoting vitality and competitiveness through a new kind of cooperation between universities and companies.


Project Manager in Haaga-Helia: Ilkka Uronen

Duration: 02/2023–09/2025

Partners: Laurea UAS, Metropolia UAS

Funding: European social fund. 

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Lab Manager
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