Two young and smiling people on a sports field in sunny weather


The aim of the SOTELI project is to enhance expertise in physical activity for professionals in the social, health, and sports sectors, as well as for future professionals, through interdisciplinary collaboration.

The second goal is to strengthen the interaction skills of professionals providing exercise counseling and lifestyle guidance, and to advance physical activity as part of well-being promotion. 

The third aim is to build a common framework for promoting physical activity in the social work, health, and physical activity sectors. This framework combines the expertise of the social, health, and sports sectors with experiential learning. 

In the project, participants come together to explore their own attitudes, perceptions, and relationship with physical activity. Additionally, tools for promoting physical activity are developed, and their usage is practiced, taking into account the specific operational environments of different fields.

One of the results of the project is to build joint education in the social work, health and sports fields to promote physical activity. This education can be offered in various educational institutions and at different levels.

SOTELI – Building COMMON Understanding on Sport and Well-being

Kesto: 1/2024–3/2026

Rahoitus: ESR+

Toteuttajat: Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences (Coordinator), LAB University of Applied Sciences, Outward Bound Finland ry, Suomen Urheiluopiston Kannatusosakeyhtiö (The Sport Institute of Finland, Vierumäki) 

Project manager: Paula Harmokivi-Saloranta

+358 294471270