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StartUp School offers online courses for entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow. The 1 ECTS courses can be completed in a few days.

Looking for tools to test and validate your business idea? Want to improve your skills in finance or marketing to succeed as an entrepreneur? Don’t want to spend too much money and time? We’ve got you covered! 


How To Start a Business In Finland (1 ECTS)

  • An introduction on the practicalities of starting a business in Finland
  • We will help you to navigate through legal entities, required registrations, tax implications, pensions and other mandatory insurances. 
  • Links to relevant information and the most important online resources and platforms provided.



How To Build Your Own Pitch Deck (1 ECTS)

  • Develop and complete a pitch deck for your own business idea using best practices
  • The course is built around the ten most important slides used in a professional pitch deck.
  • Receive expert feedback about the pitch deck at the end of the course.
keltaisia työkaluja, lennokki, hiiri, rubikin kuutio, lukko ja näppäimistö.

How To Validate a Business Idea (1 ECTS)

  • An overview about how to validate your business idea

  • Test your problem statements and demo solutions early

  • Includes a practical toolbox to start testing your idea

About StartUp School online courses

With StartUp School online courses, everyone can learn whenever and wherever they want. Each of our courses can be completed within one weekend, and they have a very specific focus. This means you’ll get to the content you need without spending too much time or money. 

The courses can be taken independently, but they are also a great asset for entrepreneurship programs, business coaches and mentors. Our focus is on early-stage businesses supporting green and digital shift, but the courses are applicable also more widely. 

The courses have been developed with support from the Helsinki-Uusimaa – Sustainable and Digital Entrepreneurial Region 2021-2022 –project. The project is funded with European Regional Development Funds by Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council.

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