New Master students of Sustainable Aviation Business


Lead paragraph

Congratulations and welcome to master your future and to develop your competencies at Haaga-Helia's Master's Degree Programme.

On this page, you will find the information and materials needed to start your studies on the following programme:

Read the information and instructions on this page and remember to confirm your study place by December 1, 2023 at 3 p.m. Finnish time. Read also the instructions for electronic identification. The degree programme in Sustainable Aviation Business is organised completely online so the students do not need a residence permit or visa.

The structure of the curriculum

The scope of studies leading to a Master's degree is 90 ECTS and the completion is scheduled for 1.5 years of full time or part-time studies. The degree includes 20 ECTS of common core studies, 20 ECTS of specialisation studies, 20 ECTS of additional advanced studies and 30 ECTS of thesis.

Schedule and recommended order of implementations

Semester 1

  • Applied Design Research 5 ECTS (study period 3-4)
  • Organisational Behaviour 5 ECTS (study period 3)  
  • Towards a Zero-Emission Aviation Environment 5 ECTS (study period 3)  
  • Inclusive Passenger Journey 5 ECTS (study period 4)  
  • Thesis 10 ECTS (study period 3-4)

    In total 30 ECTS

Semester 2  

  • Project Management 5 ECTS (study period 1)  - Check CampusOnline offering
  • Sustainable Airport Infrastructure Development 5 ECTS (study period 1)  
  • Data Analytics 5 ECTS (study period 2)
  • Urban Air Mobility for Last Mile Delivery 5 ECTS (study period 2)  
  • Thesis 10 ECTS (study period 1-2)

    In total 30 ECTS

Semester 3

  • Strategic Brand Management 5 ECTS (study period 3)  
  • Strategic Human Resource Management 5 ECTS (study period 3)  
  • Evolving Organisations 5 ECTS (study period 4)  
  • Responsible Business and Sharing Economy 5 ECTS (study period 4)  
  • Thesis 10 ECTS (study period 3-4)

    In total 30 ECTS

Read more about the study structure and course descriptions of your degree programme through the link below.

Planning the studies 

The most important study courses in terms of the topic have been selected for the degree programme in Sustainable Aviation Business. It is recommended to complete the Applied Design Research course during the first academic year. It is good if you have a preliminary topic for your thesis in the beginning of the course but it is possible to define the topic also during the course.

Most students complete 3-5 courses during the spring semester, depending on the time available for studies. Note that one 5-credit course means about 135 hours of student work, including teaching hours. In course assignments, it is possible to utilise your own work and organisation, so you can immediately apply the studies to your own work.

Plan your next spring’s studies by using the schedule below. You can enrol for the courses once you have received the credentials to Haaga-Helia’s systems.

Choosing spring studies & schedule 

  1. Check the course offering from the excel. From Mode column you can see the mode of the implementation:  
    • CONTACT – meetings at campus 
    • VIRTUAL – no meetings 
    • ONLINE – meetings online 
  2. Check the dates for possible meetings in Timetable tool (Lukkarikone) based on the implementation code. 
  3. Enrol for the implementatios in Peppi based on the implementation code. 

Also book specialisation specific Master seminars to your calendar, which support your professional development and the planning and structure of the thesis topic. During the spring, you are expected to attend at least one of the seminars, but it is recommended to attend all of them. Basically, the seminars are held online. Spring 2024 seminars are:

  • On Mon 5 February in English 
  • On Mon 25 March in Finnish 
  • On Mon 22 April in English 

Start of studies

Familiarise yourself with the contents of the Master student’s webpages and start to orientate yourself to your studies already before the actual orientation evenings. In January, week 1, you will receive an email invitation to the orientation materials for Master’s students. If your credentials do not work by Friday 5 January, please contact: studyservices(at)

With the help of the orientation materials, you can familiarise yourself with the structure of the curriculum and you will also receive instructions on logging into Haaga-Helia's systems and how to enrol for spring courses.

To do after receiving Haaga-Helia's username and password:

Orientation evenings

Orientation to the studies is arranged on two weekday evenings before the beginning of the actual academic year. First evening on Tue 9 January is common to all new Master’s students and the latter evening on Wed 11 January is for Sustainable Aviation Business students. Both orientation evenings will be held in Zoom. Attendance at both evenings is mandatory. However, if you are hindered from attending, you can watch the Tuesday’s orientation afterwards as a recording.

Tuesday 9 January from 17.00 to 19.00

The orientation will be arranged as an online meeting, to which you will receive a link on Thu 4 January by email. To be able to participate, you need a working network connection and the device you need to join the Zoom (we recommend computer/laptop, but also tablet or phone is possible). During the evening, you will get information about study planning and practices. Tuesday's orientation will be recorded and the recording will be available later on orientation platform.

Wednesday 10 January from 17.00 to 19.00

The orientation will be arranged as an online meeting to which you will receive a link on the morning of the same day. The meeting prepares you for the specialisation studies as well as provides an opportunity to meet student colleagues who share your professional goals with you.

Thursday 11 January from 13.00 to 19.00

Thursday's voluntary IT orientation will be arranged at Pasila campus but there is also a limited possibility for remote participation. We recommend participating in the voluntary IT orientation if you are not already familiar with Haaga-Helia's systems.

  • From 13.00 to 15.00 - Introduction to Haaga-Helia’s systems and learning platforms
  • From 15.00 to 16.00 – Guidance session for technical systems
  • From 15.00 to 17.00 - Study guidance session (No possibility for remote participation.)

Detailed information and instructions for orientation evenings will be sent to you to your student email no later than Thursday 4 January. So be sure to log in to your student email and, if necessary, redirect your mail to an address that you are actively following.