Making an Appeal

Lead paragraph

In case you feel that a mistake has occurred in the student selection or that the admission criteria have not been adhered to correctly, you can submit a written appeal within 14 days from the day the results of the student selection have been announced.

Please, first acquaint yourself with the admission criteria of the degree programme in question and with the instructions on how to appeal. After that, if necessary, contact the UAS or the university whose degree programme the appeal concerns.  You can make a written, individual appeal about the admissions decision. The appeal must be directed to the UAS or university responsible for the degree programme, or to another institution mentioned in the admission criteria, and delivered to the address mentioned in the admission criteria by the given deadline at 15:00 Finnish time.

It is not possible to appeal against the admission criteria and therefore, applicants do not have any grounds for an appeal if they have not fulfilled all the eligibility and admission requirements (e.g. delivered all the required certificate copies to the Admission Services by the deadline, participated in the entrance examination or passed all parts of it in an acceptable level).

Please note that possible delays in getting the required certificates in time or delays in postal delivery do not take away the sender's responsibility of delivering all the required certificates by the deadline. Furthermore, incapability to attend in the entrance examination, health reasons, difficult life situation, misunderstanding the instructions, stress etc. do not change the fact that in order to get admitted applicants must fulfil the admissions criteria (e.g. pass all parts of the entrance examination/SAT test/interview/required studies in an acceptable level) and therefore, are not considered to be valid reasons for a successful appeal.

Before starting the appeal process the applicant should contact the Admission Services for more detailed information on the grounds of the decision. If the applicant still (after contacting the Admission Services) thinks that the decision has not been made according to the admission criteria, he/she may make an appeal against the decision.

Making an Appeal

The appeal must be made in writing and it must contain:

  • appellant’s name, occupation, municipality of residence, postal address and daytime phone number
  • the original or a copy of the admission decision
  • what is appealed against and the changes required
  • grounded reasons for the appeal
  • signature of the appellant or the writer (if only the writer has signed the appeal, it has to include the writer’s occupation, municipality of residence and postal address)

The appeal must be received by Haaga-Helia UAS / Admission Services within 14 days of the day the results of the student selection have been announced. Possible delays in postal delivery do not take away the senders responsibility of delivering the appeal in time because Haaga-Helia is not responsible for problems or delays in postal delivery.

The appeal must be delivered to the address below. For more information regarding the appeal process, please contact the Admission Services:

Admission Services

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

Address: Ratapihantie 13, 00520 Helsinki, FINLAND

tel. +358 400 230409