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What to do if you suspect that you have contracted the coronavirus?

Haaga-Helia has specified the instructions related to coronavirus. If you suspect you have been exposed to or contracted the coronavirus, we recommend you fill in an online Coronavirus symptom checker (https://www.omaolo.fi/palvelut/oirearviot/649). The form will give you advice based on your symptoms and if needed, you can also book a time for testing after filling in the form.

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Haaga-Helia has specified the instructions related to COVID-19.

If you have symptoms of coronavirus, please contact the official Corona Helpline:

  • Helsinki tel. (09) 310 100 24
  • Vantaa tel. (09) 839 500 00
  • Espoo tel. (09) 816 346 00
  • Porvoo tel. 040 547 7764 / 040 481 0344
  • Vierumäki tel. 044 797 7000

The helpline gives students instructions for treatment and further advice in case you need to get tested for coronavirus.

All people with symptoms of coronavirus are directed to testing. The symptoms include for example fever, cough, headache, nausea, diarrhea, muscle pain, sore throat, flue, shortness of breath and loss of smell and taste.

What to do in case of coronavirus infection

According to Haaga-Helia’s guidelines, if you notice you have even one of the coronavirus symptoms, you should exit the school premises, because without testing it is impossible to know the reason behind the symptoms. So even if you have just a runny nose, it should be dealt with seriously.

If the Helpline sends a student to corona testing, the student must stay in quarantine while waiting for the results. A doctor from the municipal coronavirus tracing team (from the epidemiological unit) will contact the student if the result is positive, in other words: infection has been detected.

The doctor from the tracing team will give the student further instructions, for example, the length of required quarantine. After this, an infection tracker will contact the student and tries to trace other people who might have been exposed to the virus and contact them as well.