Study in Finland - apply to Haaga-Helia with SAT test

The application period with SAT scores is from 20 January to 31 May 2022.

Haaga-Helialle myönnettyjen lisäaloituspaikkojen määrä ylitti odotukset
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As an alternative to entrance examinations you can apply to Haaga-Helia with the SAT test.

The application period for August 2022 intake is on until 31 May. During this time, you can apply to the following Bachelor’s Degree Programmes conducted in English:

Study places will be filled based on the order in which complete applications are received from eligible applicants. All eligible applicants who earn the required minimum points will be accepted.

Required scores:

  • in BBA programmes: 500 points in section Evidence-based reading and writing and 500 points in Math
  • in BHM programmes: 500 points in Evidence-based reading and writing and 400 points in Math

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