Roschier is Haaga-Helia's new partner

Roschier and Haaga-Helia signed the partner agreement at Haaga-Helia's Pasila campus on 13 October.

Roschier & Haaga-Helia
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Haaga-Helias new partner Roschier is the leading law firm in the Nordic region, with agencies in Sweden and Finland. Roshier offers their customers a professional and broad range of law services in accordance with their values.

The partner agreement was signed by Haaga-Helia's Minna Hiillos and Roschier's Sofia Lehmuskallio.

Roschier wants to support their operations with especially the help of Haaga-Helia’s professionals of administrative competence, to make the best possible business outcomes. Roschier will be present on campus and and other ways of carrying out the collaboration and sharing experiences will be innovated and developed, whilst promoting the connection between working life and studies.

Haaga-Helia's students are familiar to Roschier, and their team of assistants consists mainly of Haaga-Helia alumni, who have started at Roschier as trainees.

 – We want to continue to have a close and systematic cooperation, contact and visibility between Haaga-Helia and Roschier, especially when the training program that provides assistants is developed further, Lehmuskallio says.  

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