Honorary teachers awarded merit in the development of teacher education and vocational education

The new honorary teachers of the Haaga-Helia School of Vocational Teacher Education are Hannele Louhelainen, Senior Specialist at the OAJ, and Antti Virtanen, Director of The Novida.

Kunniaopettajat AOKK 2022
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Haaga-Helia's vocational teacher education named two honorary teachers for their merits in the development of vocational education and higher education and for cooperation with vocational teacher education.

The new honorary teachers were appointed by Jari Laukia, Director of the School of  Vocational Teacher Education, at the graduation of vocational teachers in Pasila on 5 May 2022.

Hannele Louhelainen, Senior Specialist at the OAJ, has worked in various working groups and other positions, highlighting the importance of vocational education and teachers' work at universities of applied sciences.

Most recently, she has been active in supporting the objective of vocational teachers' schools to have  vocational teacher education programme (60 credits) accepted in the national qualifications framework to level 7.

Hannele Louhelainen
Hannele Louhelainen


Antti Virtanen, director of the Novida in Southwest Finland, has a long career in vocational education and training. In 2004–2020, Virtanen was a member and vice chairman of the Advisory Board of the School of Vocational Teachers.

In those positions, he was actively involved in the activities and development of vocational teacher training.

Antti Virtanen
Antti Virtanen.


In addition to the diplomas, honorary teachers received silver decorations bearing the Haaga-Helia logo.

There are already five honorary teachers. The first honorary teachers were awarded in November 2020, when Haaga-Helia's teacher education turned 70 years.

The first honorary teachers are Liisa Tenhunen-Ruotsalainen, Director of TAT, Pentti Rauhala, Senior Lecturer, and Stanley Mukhola from Pretoria TUT University.

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