Haaga-Helia's students succeeded in Maastricht

Haaga-Helia's students succeeded in the annual European Mise en Place Cup. The idea of ​​the international competition is to develop and innovate solutions to the challenges of the hotel industry in an intensive two-day event.

SISUpreneurs -tiimi Maastrichtin EMCupissa. Saara Höydenin, Denise Kleinin, Ilias Kuntrasin, Eemil Vainion, Pasi Tuominen ja Anna-Liisa Aarti
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Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences' students succeeded at the European Mise en Place Cup (EMCUP) held in Maastricht, the Netherland on 24-25. April 2022.

The team called SISUpreneurs, consisting of Saara HöydénDenise KleinIlias Kuntras, and Eemil Vainio, advanced all the way to the competition's finals and were among the seven best teams. 

The SISUpreneurs also won the Best Academic Paper category, where students had to write about the topic "Intrapreneurship - The Salvation of our Hospitality DNA?". For students, the award came as a complete surprise. 

Haaga-Helia's lecturers, Anna-Liisa Aarti and Pasi Tuominen, who coached the students, were also delighted to hear about the award. According to Aarti, several companies have already contacted the students and requested if they could read their academic paper.

Haaga-Helia also achieved some individual success as the participants were divided into mixed teams. The award for the Best Sustainable Idea went to the team in which Klein of SISUpreneurs was involved.

The European Mise en Place Cup is Europe's largest student competition in the hotel industry. This year, competition teams from thirteen different countries and a total of 28 universities were involved. 

The winner of the entire competition was NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences from the Netherlands. From Finland, Laurea University of Applied Sciences also participated in the competition.

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