Haaga-Helia's education exports expanded to Peru

Haaga-Helia has trained teachers and education field leaders in Peru in collaboration with Omnia Education Partnership and UNESCO.

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The training program was conducted for the Senat, the largest educational institutes of vocational education in Peru. The Spanish-language and three-month-long program was carried out entirely online. The aim was to help develop the digital skills and competence of staff.

Haaga-Helia is involved with EduExcellence and the Forge Foundation organization in expert collaboration regarding the audit and certification of youth coaching programs in Latin America. The best practices of Finnish education are utilized in training programs in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Peru and Mexico.

In the first phase of the program, training is provided for education leaders and experts, among others. The project is carried out by Haaga-Helia School of Vocational Teacher Education.

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