Haaga-Helia received a quality label from the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC)

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences passed the assessment of the third audit round, made by an international audit team, and received a quality label for six years.

Haaga-Helia sai laatuleiman Kansalliselta koulutuksen arviointikeskukselta Karvilta
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The audit team especially praised Haaga-Helia for its competence-oriented thinking, work-life connection and commitment to societal impact as part of the strategy. Clear procedures for RDI projects support the motivation to commit to them. The positive culture towards staff competence development was also praised.

– The quality label we received is a recognition of Haaga-Helia's strong continuous development work, which is guided by strategy, competence and cooperation. Systematic ways of working and developing challenge us to constantly evaluate our operations, seek innovative solutions together with different stakeholders and create new competences for both staff and students. We will continue our development work and thereby make our own contribution to strengthening and enhancing competences in Finland, says president Minna Hiillos.

The audit team called for continuing to prepare international students for a career in the Finnish labor market, to look for more opportunities for internationalization, and to develop opportunities and support for participation in RDI activities as the most important areas for development. The audit team also encouraged to make full use of Haaga-Helia’s continuous development model by systematizing feedback procedures and encouraging stakeholders to give feedback.

The Work&Study model was Haaga-Helia's own choice for evaluation to support its strategy. The auditing group saw that the model corresponds to the needs of future education, working life and continuous learning. The implementation of the model still needs to be harmonized and developed.

Audit results guide future development

The audit report will be fully exploited for development work at Haaga-Helia. Next steps are to analyse the audit results in different forums. Haaga-Helia will form an action plan for upcoming years on how to strengthen its strengths and develop its operations according to the recommendations given by the audit team. In approximately three years Haaga-Helia will report its progress and present the achievements at FINEEC’s seminar. 

– I would like to thank the entire audit team for their work and especially the chairperson of the team, Dr. Professor Karim Khakzar of Fulda University of Applied Sciences in Germany. The greatest thank-you naturally goes to the entire staff of Haaga-Helia, our students and our stakeholders, who have actively participated in the audit process of the quality system and take care of the quality work and the continuous development of quality in our daily operations, Hiillos says.

– The quality label encourages us to move forward, and in accordance with Haaga-Helia's mission, we continue to open doors to future careers together with our students and stakeholders, Hiillos sums up.

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