Haaga-Helia, OsloMet and the University of Tartu collaborate on teacher education

The planning of a joint BIP programme was deepened during the visit of Norwegian and Estonian colleagues to Haaga-Helia on 4–5 September 2023.

Tarton yliopiston Institute of Educationin opettajakouluttajat Karmen Trasberg ja Liana Roos sekä OsloMet-yliopiston edustajat Line Klæth, Nina Aakernes sekä Siv-Heidi Ruud olivat Haaga-Helian vieraina 4.–6.9.2023. Opettajankouluttajat Katja Danska, Taina Laivola ja Katja Wirenius toteuttivat vierailun.
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Haaga-Helia, OsloMet University and University of Tartu are preparing a joint course for teacher students. This is a so-called Blended Intensive Program (BIP), which includes both physical study at another higher education institution and online studies.  

The idea of a joint BIP programme between the two universities was conceived in spring 2023, when a group of teacher students from Haaga-Helia with lecturers Katja Danska, Taina Laivola and Katja Wirenius, visited the University of Tartu's teacher training programme and got to know Estonian vocational education and training.

– Our teacher students were pleased with the study trip and we decided that this kind of experience should be made available to student teachers more widely. A traditional exchange is practically too challenging for students studying alongside their work in a teacher training programme that lasts about a year, and a shorter programme in a group is a great option for international learning, says lecturer Taina Laivola.

The first of its kind

The cooperation progressed during the first days of September, when the haagahelians were able to meet face-to-face with their Norwegian and Estonian colleagues in Helsinki. The planning of the BIP programme got off to a good start during the visit in joint workshop sessions.

– It was great to meet colleagues from Norway and Estonia and develop new things! We worked hard in the workshops and gained a common understanding of many aspects of the BIP programme and practices. A common theme was tentatively chosen to develop teachers' pedagogical skills with a focus on sustainability and digital skills. We also shared enthusiasm for student teachers' projects in international teams to develop team teaching, says Laivola.

The training is the first BIP programme in Haaga-Helia's Vocational Teacher Education programme. Applications for the training can be submitted in February 2024, and participating students and teachers will receive an Erasmus grant for the mobility period.

– The first student teachers will be able to complete the course in spring 2025.  The exact roles have not yet been agreed, but it is likely that Haaga-Helia will coordinate the first call. In the future, shifts and roles may vary between universities, says Laivola.

Picture: Teacher trainers Karmen Trasberg and Liana Roos from the Institute of Education at the University of Tartu and representatives from OsloMet University Line Klæth, Nina Aakernes and Siv-Heidi Ruud were guests of the Vocational Teacher Education on 4–6 September 2023.The visit was carried out by lecturers Katja Danska, Taina Laivola and Katja Wirenius from Haaga-Helia.

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