Personalized chatbots into business communications

In recent years, chatbots have established their role as a part of service companies communication strategies. In response to the new challenges of communication, students at the Haaga Hospitality Campus designed chatbot concept descriptions for LAB8 during the Managing Service Interaction course. The learning task combined market research, branding and fast prototyping.

Suurikokoinen puhelin, jonka ruudulla chatbot keskustelee naiselle.

Chatbots built around clear value promises adopted carefully personas that fit the values of LAB8. Students also pondered the practical implementation of front- and back-end integration of their bots and built flowchart descriptions of discussions by the bot and its example user.

The developed concept descriptions were presented to LAB8 at the end of the course. The best ideas are put into practice.

We are currently looking for new companies to act as a commissioner for a similar learning task in the following courses of the course - if your organization needs a chatbot to boost communication, please contact:

Senior Lecturer
+358 294471540