5 reasons why you should study in Haaga-Helia

Fairouz Hussien is an International Business Alumni of Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. She is doing her doctoral thesis at Stockholm School of Economics. She has also worked as a consultant and business developer for startup businesses in Stockholm and London. We asked Hussien to list five ways, how Haaga-Helia opens doors to international success.

Fairouz Hussein
Alumni Testimonials

The young woman started her academic career studying International Business in Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences.

— I did my bachelor in International Business Administration, specializing in marketing and customer communications. After Haaga-Helia, I did my Masters at Hanken in international strategy and sustainability, says the future doctor Fairouz Hussien. She is visiting Helsinki after another semester at Stockholm School of Economics.

— Studying at Haaga-Helia was fun in so many different ways, she says.

— We had a lot of opportunities to not only interact with people, but also independently seek out companies and interact with them. It has helped me built my career in academia as well.

We asked Hussien to list four reasons why you too should study in Haaga-Helia.

1. You get to study and work with amazing people

— One of my favourite things in Haaga-Helia was the people I met there. I was so fortunate to be in a very diverse group of people where everyone was interested in one another..
There was this social interaction aspect that went really well alongside the education. You never have to feel like you’re stuck studying alone.

2. It's international. Truly international

— We had so many different nationalities among students: Vietnamese, German, Indian, Korean, American, Chinese and Somalian, to name a few. So there was certain kind of openness towards different solutions and perspectives. Haaga-Helia let the stage for that collaboration to happen, so there was this constant inclusion among the international group.

3. Haaga-Helia is close with startups and companies

— Teaching is very pragmatic and practical, and it’s very close with business. It’s that closeness with different companies and startup scene that I went in there for. Studies include an internship period, which really helps students prepare for the work after studies. Haaga-Helia helps you in finding a good place for internship.

In addition, Haaga-Helia is very well known. I keep bumping into people in professional life who have studied there.

4. It's a perfect mixture of practise and theory

— There are many ways – even unexpected ways – Haaga-Helia has helped me in my academic studies. Learning how to manage large projects has been of immense help, in addition to a number of learning and problem solving methods.

Courses with close connections to working life encourage you to go out there and contact companies, really get in touch with different businesses – that is a valuable skill.

5. Haaga-Helia enables you to seek the career you want

— You don’t have to know what you want in the future. The diverse selection of courses provides you with a lot of skills and doesn’t exclude anything important. Whatever you may want to seek out afterwards in terms of career, it’s there. You can choose that and do that. There’s nothing lacking.

So regardless if you know what you want to do or not just yet, Haaga-Helia has a place for both kinds of people.

That’s it. Remember to have fun when you study.