Lili Aunimo

+358 294471220

Academic degree: Doctor of Philosophy (Computer Science)

Specialisation (keywords): natural language processing, data mining, artificial intelligence, data analysis, human-computer interaction

Principal lecturer Dr. Lili Aunimo studied Natural Language Technologies and Computer Science at the University of Helsinki, Finland. She defended her doctoral dissertation in the field of Computer Science in 2007. The dissertation belongs to the field of text analytics. In her thesis, Dr. Aunimo developed a novel method based on pattern matching and machine learning techniques to be used in natural language question answering systems.

Dr. Aunimo works currently in the Department of Digital Business at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. Her research focuses on applying data analysis, machine learning and other AI techniques in several fields, such as human computer interaction and development of digital services.

Dr. Aunimo is currently active in several research projects. One of them is FESS – Future Expertise in Sales and Services. In this project, Dr. Aunimo contributes to the development of intelligent and user-friendly digital services. In the past Dr. Aunimo has participated in several research projects. One of them is the Big Data - Big Business research project, which focused on creating new business potential through data analytics and machine learning. In the DD-Scale: Dynamic Distributed Software Development Competencies project, Dr. Aunimo contributed to the research on competencies needed in distributed software development projects. 

The teaching and supervision activities of Dr. Aunimo include topics related to data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence. She teaches mainly in the master’s level courses. She also supervises thesis work in the areas of her expertise.  


  • Dr. Aunimos's publications on Juuli portal
  • Alhonen, M., Alamäki, A., Aunimo, L., Hallikainen H., Korpela, P., Rantala, T. & Vuori, J. Value creation through the integration of sales and marketing: Smarketing. Haaga-Helia Publications 1/2018.
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RDI Projects:

  • Dihub
  • DIVA

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