Admission statistics of Bachelor's Degree programmes

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On this site you will find application statistics of our Bachelor´s degree programmes. International Business (full-time studies) and Business Information Technology programmes take new applications twice a year and the other degree programmes once a year. If you want to see older statistics from the autumn of 2015, they can be found on the site:

Please note that the admission criteria and the scoring systems may have changed. Scores received in different intakes may not be directly comparable.

Aviation Business, full-time studies, Porvoo campus

Business Information Technology, full-time studies, Pasila campus

Digital Business Innovations, full-time studies, Porvoo campus

Hospitality and Tourism Experience Management, full-time studies, Haaga campus

International Business, full-time studies, Pasila campus

International Business, blended learning, Pasila campus

Sports Coaching and Management, full-time studies, Vierumäki campus

Sustainable Tourism and Event Management, full-time studies, Porvoo campus