Absence during the first academic year

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According to the Polytechnics Act (Act 932/2014), a first-year student may register as absent for the academic year for three reasons only.


NB. If you enroll as absent due to personal illness or injury,  your time of absence begins immediately to reduce the permissible semesters of non-attendance. Student has the right to enroll as absent for two study semesters in total. Absence due to military service; maternity, paternity or parental leave can extend a student’s study right and are also not included in the maximum number of semesters as absent.  

Should the legal grounds for your absence apply only to the second academic semester (e.g. military service beginning in January), you may register as absent for the entire academic year. You may also change the status of your registration for the second semester from ‘attending’ to ‘absent’ during the registration period.

Students registering as absent should take into consideration the annual changes in the courses offered at Haaga-Helia and the effect the changes may have on their personal study plan.

Submitting the required documents

Documents that prove the legal grounds for your absence must be submitted to Haaga-Helia´s Admission Services by the deadline of enrollment for the academic year/semester. If you would like to register as absent for just one semester, you still have to submit the required documents proving the legal grounds for your absence by the given deadline. The documents must be submitted in Finnish, Swedish or English. Admission Services' contact details are below. If you choose to send the documents by email, please take data security issues into account.

If you register as absent on your first academic year, but fail to deliver sufficient clarification regarding the legal grounds for your absence within the deadline, Haaga-Helia will change your enrollment status from absent to present.

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