Effective Leadership in Modern Hospitality


Today’s changing work environment and evolving new generations require new leadership tools. This course is ideal for service business supervisors, leaders, and managers to generate an encouraging, profitable and efficient service culture with comprehensive leadership methods. 

The Hospitality Industry is a broad category of fields within the service industry that includes food & beverage service, event planning, theme parks, travel and tourism, hotels, etc. The industry uses a diverse workforce, which includes a variety of positions that may or may not have a strong educational component. Understanding this diversity and human behaviour in hospitality is vital not only with the employees but also with the changing customer behaviour. In this course, the participant will learn to develop organizational culture, employee experience, customer experience, and leadership. The participant will also learn to understand how change management can improve the company. The participant will be introduced to the contexts of the Experience Economy, psychological capital, DiSC® personality theory, and ADKAR change management model.   

Course objectives 

Upon successful completion of the course, the course participants will gain knowledge of the following:  

  • Considering the diversity of employees and customers in the Hospitality industry as an enriching resource  
  • Creating the right culture for employee and customer experience    
  • Adopting the DiSC® method as a personal assessment tool  
  • Understanding the importance of meaningful experience in customer experience and profitable business  
  • Understanding change as an inevitable and enabling factor in an organisation’s success  
  • Implementing change in the company with ADKAR methods  


Upon completion of the course, the participant is able to :

  • understand the importance of organizational culture in employee and customer experience 
  • understand the human and psychological capital as key factors in the hospitality industry  
  • increase customer satisfaction by using meaningful experiences in creating services 
  • develop a sales process and customer satisfaction.
  • understand the importance of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)  
  • understand customer experience and meaningful experience in increasing sales and making productive business
  • create the right atmosphere for change and implement it successfully in the organisation

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Course Information

Course mode: Self-study

Course instructors:  Kalle Ruuskanen, Teppo Kolehmainen , Markku Silventoinen, Outi Rekola

Course material: 35 tutorial videos, over 2 h of video material, course booklet to support study progress, 4 quizzes, additional academic reading

Price: 550 € (incl, vat 24%)

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