Survey for international students who are studying for a bachelor’s or master’s degree

The International Talent Finland research project is interested in the experiences and views of foreigners living in Finland. International students’ insights and perspectives are extremely important for the project. Please share your unique perspective by taking the survey for international students.

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The project team wants to know how to find concrete, usable solutions to the challenges faced by international students.

Link to the survey: 

The survey is in English and anonymous. It takes approximately 15 minutes to complete it.

Please note that there is a prize draw of 5 gift cards, each of which is worth €50, for 5 randomly selected respondents who have completed the survey and agreed to enter the draw. 

Thank you for your help and support on this study. The data collected with your help will help international students in Finland as well as the international community and the larger Finnish society. The results of the study will be reported early next year. The findings will also be used to formulate recommendations for action for employers, authorities, and decision-makers. 

The project is implemented by a non-profit, independent research institute E2 Research and partners consisting of a diverse group of labor market organizations, ministries, cities, and the pension sector. 

Thank you very much for your answers and for providing your time! 

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