Moodle maintenance informs, downtime 27.6.2022 at 7-8 am 

Maintenance work will be carried out at Moodle between 20th  June and 1st  July 2022. Maintenance will cause a short maintenance break on 27 June 2022 at 7-8 am.  

Opiskelijat protoilemassa  vuorovaikutteisuutta Moodleen
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Moodle's core systems are updated to the latest updates and additions. There will be no changes in Moodle's features of functions and it is only a  system maintenance. We apologize for the short interruption in the service. Maintenance may cause occasional slowness in the system. service will be discontinued on 30 June 2022 because the service provider will stop the product from its range. The service will be switched off in Haaga-Helia on 27 June 2022.