Haaga-Helia to participate in Ukraine’s vocational education reform 

Haaga-Helia, in cooperation with the Joint Authority of Education in the Espoo Region (Omnia), Omnia Education Partnerships (OEP) and Tampere Vocational College (Tredu), has won the tender for reforming Ukraine's vocational education. 

Kuvituskuva Kievistä
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 The project is an international joint venture called the EU4Skills Better Skills for Modern Ukraine.

The funding for the EU4Skills project comes from the European Commission. The other countries participating in the EU4Skills project are Estonia, Germany and Poland. Germany manages the project, and the Finnish National Agency for Education coordinates the project in Finland. 

In the EU4Skills project, Finland’s responsibilities include developing vocational degrees and curricula as well as vocational teacher training and providing training to the management of vocational education institutes. The Finnish National Agency for Education is responsible for the section concerning vocational degrees, and the syndicate that won the tender attends to the other areas under Finland’s responsibility. 

The price of the tendered services is €1.9 million.

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