Enrollment to 3AMK Spring studies starts on 27th of November

3AMK Spring study offering has been published and enrollment to the studies starts on 27th of November at 1PM.

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3AMK study offering consist of unique 3AMK courses made in collaboration and chosen theme-related courses from Haaga-Helia’s, Laurea’s and Metropolia’s own study offerings.

You can find 3AMK studies and enroll to them at 3amk.fi. Some of the courses are part of your university’s study offering. Please enroll those with your university’s own enrollment. Enrollment to unique 3AMK courses and courses from other than your own university of applied sciences happens at 3amk.fi.

3AMK courses’ themes are:

  • Career paths and self-competences
  • Digitalization and AI technology
  • Future’s businesses and entrepreneurship
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Internationality and multi-cultural environment
  • Languages and cultures
  • Proactive leadership and HR
  • RDI and collective creativity
  • Safety and crisis management
  • Sustainable development and a changing world.

Why to enroll on 3AMK studies?

  • With 3AMK studies you can gain know-how beneficial to your future career.
  • Courses are chosen and composed with a goal of filling the needs of the future’s work life.
  • You can gather study modules of your liking or enroll to just one course.
  • With 3AMK studies you can stand out from students from same field of study.