At 3UAS summer is not just for holidays!

The well-coordinated entrepreneurship-related cooperation between Haaga-Helia, Metropolia and Laurea will continue in the summer as well! Planning of joint projects between the 3UAS alliance continues at a rapid pace.

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10 Days100 Challenges 2022 was a success

Metropolia coordinates the 10 Days 100 Challenges Intensive Summer Implementation (10D100C), where student teams implemented solutions to the challenges posed by companies. The intensive seven-day course, implemented in collaboration with Metropolia, Laurea and Haaga-Helia, attracted 60 enthusiastic and motivated students from various fields this year.

The business challenges of the implementation came from two small companies representing excellence in the food industry. Xocolab Oy from Helsinki, which specializes in the production of premium chocolates, and INKA paahtimo Oy ,also from Helsinki, gave the teams a reflection on how e-commerce functions should be developed and what new business opportunities the teams could find for example.

The results were, according to the business partners, very useful for business development. A key tool in the 10D100C implementation is service design.

What was new this year was the Service Design Sprint MOOC online course produced by Metropolia, which included the basics of service design and was a mandatory pre-assignment for participants. Based on the experience gained during the implementation, Service Design Sprint will be developed and made openly available.

The Service Design Sprint pilot can already be tested here!

Helsinki XR Center and the Arabia campus of Metropolia once again showed the versatile use of their facilities. There was positive commotion in the premises as teams crowded the desks and comfortable work and living areas from the morning to the evening.

Experts are mapping out campus incubator operations

A study carried out by project experts on campus incubator operations in universities in the Uusimaa region has progressed to the workshop stage. Campus incubators are business incubators organized by universities for student entrepreneurs and early-stage companies.

The workshops for the 3UAS universities will study the current operating methods and challenges of incubators and aim to create a basis for deeper co-operation in the future.

In addition to the workshops, the experts will interview alumni of top-level business incubators this year and benchmark 3UAS campus incubator activities to international equivalents.

During the spring, Mikko Järvinen, Haaga-Helia's project manager for the 3UAS4EER project, has also worked on a written preliminary study on the digitization and systematisation of campus incubator operations in the Uusimaa region.

One of the goals of the project is to form a clear picture of the campus incubator operations in the Uusimaa region during 2022–2023, and to create pilot-ready concepts for the utilization of at least three universities of applied sciences involved in the project.

An important part of the common model for campus incubator operations currently being developed is the support of environmentally friendly digital solutions.

The project offers micro-courses for SMEs

The project provides micro-courses for SMEs, which are a convenient way to improve the company's skills. Micro-courses are short and concise entities that entrepreneurs can study online on their own schedule.

The micro-courses are suitable for entrepreneurs and those who intend to become entrepreneurs who want to strengthen their skills in digitalisation and sustainable development. The courses are suitable for entrepreneurs in different fields and for all members of the organization, regardless of status. 

The themes of the micro-courses are sustainable development, digital marketing, platform economics and service design. The first courses in platform economics and service design have been open in the spring of 2022. In the summer of 2022, we will offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to study digital marketing and sustainability. Micro-content on all of the above themes will be available in the fall.

Helsinki-Uusimaa - Sustainable and Digital Entrepreneurship Area 2021-2022 project

The Helsinki-Uusimaa - Sustainable and Digital Entrepreneurship Area 2021-2022 project (3UAS4EER) promotes entrepreneurship that supports digitalisation and sustainable development through the 3AMK alliance.

During the project 3UAS universities will develop for example an innovative public procurement planning operating model, virtual microcredential courses, campus incubator activities and the digitization of the 10 Days 100 Challenges student challenge competition.

The project is related to the Uusimaa Year of Entrepreneurship. It aims to support the conditions for the digital green growth of small and medium-sized enterprises in the region, the recovery from the corona pandemic and the achievement of climate neutrality by 2035.


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