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For Johanna Joutsiniemi Aviation Business was the door to the job of her dreams.

Johanna Joutsiniemi
Student testimonial

"Aviation has always had a place in my heart, ever since the early years when I worked as a cabin crew for a few summers. Now, after working 12 years in communications and few more years with environmental issues in a municipal sector, I found Haaga-Helia's degree programme in aviation business on Porvoo Campus. Once I got accepted as a student, I decided to find a new direction for my career, probably even change careers.

The studies have given me a global perspective on aviation. Co-operation with airlines and airport operators in the form of projects has been useful as we students have had a chance to participate in solving real-life questions and at the same time introducing ourselves as possible future employees.

We have studied hundreds of aviation-related academic articles to understand the phenomena relevant to aviation business and keep up with the latest development within aviation. Sustainability within aviation has been one of the big themes and we have also learned, for instance, practical skills within HR and sales. Our group is international and the studies in English have served as an effective language school as well.

I am now finalizing my bachelor’s thesis and I will start my new job as Communications Consultant for Finnair this summer. In my new job, I will be able to combine my existing skills and use my experience in communications and environmental issues now within the aviation sector. I think I am just about to start my dream job."

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Degree Programme in Aviation Business
Bachelor's Studies | 210 ECTS