Global Signals 2021 has been released

The theme of the Global Signals magazine is again very topical: development and transformation of education, work and business life.

Global Signals 2021

You can read about topics such as future of education and work, readiness for change, networking of higher education institutions, digitalisation in education and distance work and studying.

The editorial is by Haaga-Helia President Teemu Kokko, and he has also been interviewed for the main article with futurist Leena Hiltunen. Other people interviewed include OP's President and CEO Timo Ritakallio, KONE's Director of Process Development and Program Management Caroline Bondier, as well as Project Director Kitte Marttinen, Principal Lecturer Altti Lagstedt and Principal Lecturer Kimmo Mäki from Haaga-Helia. The column is written by Haaga-Helia's alumni and influencer Marianne Lehikoinen.

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