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Have you considered what types of emotional responses your customer experiences during a sales engagement? SalesLab will help you determine how your customers experience your sales process and help grow your sales.

SalesLab offers a completely new type of environment for improving and developing sales, customer engagements and interaction situations.

SalesLab utilises tools that measure the emotional responses and their strength in individuals.  It is also possible to use eye tracking cameras for improving sales presentations and digital services such as chatbots for sales. When combined with detecting emotional responses, valuable information on the efficiency of the presentations and services is obtained.

SalesLab has the ability to also develop different types of virtual and digital environments for sales and services. The facilities offer the capability to develop, for example, sales-associated customer and team engagements, sales discussions, negotiations and customer service.

In addition to SalesLab, our Pasila campus also offers the eComLab which focuses on improving the customer experience, sales growth and the internationalisation of e-commerce.

Customers increasingly buy using digital channels. Especially e-commerce has increased significantly over recent years. Haaga-Helia offers a new type of Lab environment for developing e-commerce.

We focus on improving the customer experience, increasing sales and internationalising web stores. Our operational model combines the needs of companies, design work of future users and the Haaga-Helia research resources.

We offer, for example,

  • Improving the web shop customer experience
  • Kit contents: customer buyer’s journey analysis (test customers/Mystery Shopping)
  • keyword search optimisation and competitor analysis (SEMrush)
  • validation of the buyer’s journey using video capture tools, reporting and development proposals
  • Various tailored solutions: for internationalising a web shop or designing chat services, for example.

Also learn about our SalesLab at the Pasila campus, which can help you increase sales.


Project Manager Heidi Kock, heidi.kock(at), puh. 040 488 7543