Dmitry Kudryavtsev

Senior Researcher
+358 294471372

Education: Ph.D. (Computer science), MBAE (Master of Business Administration and Engineering)

Dr. Dmitry Kudryavtsev is an experienced professional in knowledge engineering, knowledge management, business analysis, enterprise modeling, digital business design and applied AI, proficient in different roles: researcher, consultant, lecturer, team lead, expert in large organizations, scientific advisor, startup co-founder and reviewer. He combines business administration knowledge with computer and information science.

The author of 4 textbooks and 100+ research publications. 2000+ citations in Google Scholar. He published articles in international peer-reviewed journals such as Knowledge and Process Management, Knowledge Management Research & Practice, Strategic Change, and the proceedings of the leading international conferences (SEMANTiCS, Qurator, KEOD, KESW, IEEE CBI, BIR, PoEM, IFKAD, EOMAS, etc.) 100+ talks at academic and professional conferences in Europe and Asia (Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine etc.)

Successful research and industrial projects in Finland, Russia, and Ukraine.

15+ years pedagogical experience including courses, trainings and supervision for different target audiences (bachelor students, master students, experienced professionals) at leading universities and companies.

Core competencies:

- knowledge acquisition, organization, modeling and representation, which results in knowledge assets either embedded in IT (ontologies and knowledge graphs for decision support systems, knowledge bases,  taxonomies for information systems) or not embedded (corporate standards, documented methodologies, guidelines, manuals, textbooks, albums of diagrams, learning programs/courses);

- business analysis, modeling and design from the strategic level (business ecosystem, business models, strategy, value proposition, business capabilities, value streams) to the operational level (business processes, CJMs and service blueprints, decision tables, business rules, methods & guidelines, skills) and IT level (IT landscape and IT portfolio, functional and non-functional requirements, data modeling);

- competency/skills/knowledge mapping and analysis for business transformation, knowledge transfer, training and talent management purposes. An explicit link of skills/knowledge with business capabilities, business processes, and strategic objectives differentiates our approach.

Research interests: knowledge graphs, skills and knowledge mapping, knowledge management, combination of generative AI and knowledge graphs, AI for business design and planning, AI for business applications, enterprise modeling, business architecture, digital transformation, research methods.

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ORCID: 0000-0002-1798-5809
Scopus Author ID: 50262106700