Collaborative sketching illustration

Lead paragraph

Collaborative Sketching is a creativity tool that uses visualization or representation of design ideas that support fast and flexible exploration. In this tool, designers collaborate in drawing ideas and build on ideas of the whole design team.

PREPARATION: up to 15 minutes
DURATION: 30-90 minutes
FACILITATORS: 1 per workshop
RESOURCES: Sketching tools (e.g., pens and paper), cardboard, scissors, glue; camera, flipchart, Post-it
PARTICIPANTS: Up to 6 per group, design team, partners, community members

Sketches in their most common form are done using pen and paper and making quick and low-fidelity visualizations of an initial idea or concept. However, designers are not limited to pen and paper. Sketches can be created using almost any medium as long as they are quick to produce, inexpensive, and support ideation or early prototyping.


State the selected “How Might We” statement or a sub-focus area of it.

Based on your HMW statement or the focus of what you are interested in, define the criteria and select suitable participants. Aim for diversity among participants.

Organize a meeting with the selected participants, and gather the necessary resources and supplies. Think about what expectations will be set up-front, how you will start and end the workshop, and how much time participants are expected to dedicate to this activity.

Inform the participants that Collaborative Sketching aims at: making sure that everyone can present their ideas; preventing the dominant and loudest people from leading the design process; and making sure that everyone gets the opportunity to present their thoughts and ideas so they can be considered by the whole group. Distributing a large piece of paper (A3) to all participants. Ask everyone to draw a number of solution-oriented ideas in line to the design challenge. Then, ask participants to rotate to their neighbour’s seat and add to their drawings. And finally, when everyone is back to their original drawing, give 5 minutes to reflect and then start a group discussion.

Write up your key outcomes from this exercise.

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