Concept synthesis illustration

Lead paragraph

Concept synthesis is the process of consolidating user needs, unmet needs and solution concept and defining the impact it may have on the users and organization.

PREPARATION: up to 15 minutes
DURATION: 45-60 minutes
TEMPLATE OR GUIDELINES: Concept Synthesis template
FACILITATORS: 1 per workshop
RESOURCES: Pens, Post-its, a large sheet of paper or whiteboard
PARTICIPANTS: 3–30, design team, partners, community members, etc.
EXPECTED OUTCOME: Concept validation

Concept Synthesis tool highlights “User Centric, step by step Solution Concept” with the “Value Propositions for both parties” to the “current problem” at a glance.


State the selected “How Might We” statement.

Based on your HMW statement define the criteria and select the suitable participants.

Organize a meeting with the selected participants, and prepare the results of the idea filtering by printing out the handful of ideas in cards or Post-its (visual way) as well as personal, journey and system maps. Gather the necessary resources and supplies. Print enough Concept Synthesis template in A3 or bigger. Alternatively, draw it on a whiteboard. Think about what expectations will be set up-front, how you will start and end the workshop, and how much time participants are expected to dedicate to this activity.


1. Understand your main Users (represented by the Persona), so outline the Deep Needs; Gains and Pains in each of the boxes at the left.

2. In the top two boxes, the Challenge and the Solution Concept/idea needs to be outlined based on the opportunities it provides (the Novelty and “WOW” factor it has).

3. Next set of boxes should highlight the Key Solution Components (from where the solutions were derived) and the Ideal User Experience Journey.

4. Further, three boxes below should provide the (1) Value proposition for the User; (2) Gain Creators and (3) Pain Relievers (How it makes User’s life better).

5. On the Right-hand side, the last box should contain the Value proposition for the Organization (Will it create sustainable and viable solutions?).

Analyze data, discuss the results and write up the key outcomes from this exercise.

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