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Open Path Studies

Open Path Studies

Haaga-Helia Open University of Applied Sciences provides the opportunity to study towards a degree. When an Open UAS student has earned a minimum of 55 credits from courses that are included or otherwise suitable for a specific degree programme in a Finnish Open UAS, the student may apply for admission as a degree student in the programme in question. Note also that Degree programmes require a minimum GPA 3,0.

Bachelor's Degree Programmes available for Open Path studies are:

You can also apply admission as a degree student in Master's Degree Programmes if you have earned a minimum of 30 credits in an Open UAS (University of Applied Sciences) in Finland from Master’s level courses that are applicable to a degree programme in Haaga-Helia. In addition to the required 30 credits, the completion of an applicable Bachelor’s degree or equivalent and at least two (2) years of work experience in the specific field of the Master’s degree you are applying to, acquired after completion of the Bachelor’s degree (those applicants who have got a Finnish Certificate called Opistoaste or Korkea-asteen tutkinto and who thereafter have achieved a polytechnic or university degree in the same or corresponding field of study, can also include work experience, i.e. the required work experience, which was carried out before the degree mentioned was passed).

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